Front-end Developer

Front-end Developer

Position summary

As a Front-end Developer, you will help to develop the next generation of our apps using tools such as React.js, Redux, Enzyme and Webpack. We are looking for someone who is comfortable with a fast-moving environment and can learn quickly.


– Develop new components and features for our frontend app(s).

– Write, audit, and improve our test coverage.

– Document and refactor our frontend codebase.

– Prole and improve our frontend performance.

– Write functional and technical design document and contribute back to open source.

Skills & Qualifications

– 2+ years’ experience working with a Javascript framework, preferably React.

– In-depth understanding of Javascript, the DOM, and relevant concepts.

– Proficiency with browser based debugging and performance testing.

– Understanding of progressive web apps.

– Experience with a testing framework (Jest/Mocha).

– Experience using Git.

– Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.

– Familiar with React and its ecosystem.

– Past experience with a React codebase is a plus but it’s not a requirement.

– Prefer to have Node.js experiences.

While these requirements are a guideline, feel free to apply even if you don’t meet some of these.